Swing time and Jazz music from original shellac records

The magic word of Jazz music in the thirties was ´SWING´.

Music, dance, a new attitude toward life and an escape from militarism and National Socialist insanity were all a part of the music. ´SWING´ was the first international youth phenomenon, which even Nazi Germany could not stop.

Along with other European big bands and bar orchestras that came as guest performers to Germany, the German orchestras naturally tried to follow in the steps of their role models, especially the bands from England. That meant the qualities of SWING, ELEGANCE, PERFECTION and SOPHISTICATION were the highest goals of the German recording industry.

This 'SWING MUSIC SERIES' contains a selection of exemplary representations of recording from the various labels between 1936-1944, the darkest years of Germany under its brown-shirted rulers. It surprises with unbelievable documents of historic recordings and pictorial materials.


FUD CANDRIX und sein Orchester
VOL. 1 : Brussels 1937 - 1939

One of the most important European Swing Bands, this CD includes the first recordings of their career during 1937-1939.

Inspired by Count Basie and Jimmy Dorsey, the legendary Belgian saxophonist Fud Candrix presents his jazz combo playing Anglo-American dance music with his own distinctive signature.


FUD CANDRIX und sein Orchester
VOL. 2 : Brussels & Berlin 1940-1942

During the Second World War Fud was able to build up a new orchestra, modeled after the most modern example of big band.

This CD includes not only Brussels recordings but also their own compositions during their stay in Berlin in the usual Candrix hot style.


TEDDY WILSON and his Orchestra
New York / Chicago 1935 - 1938

The most urbane pianist of the Swing Era with the best soloists from exciting singers:

BILLIE HOLIDAY, ELLA FITZGERALD, MILDRED BAILEY, BOOTS CASTLE, MIDGE WILLIAMS, NAN WYNN, they all show the virtuosity and development of the ´jam sessions´ with this highly talented musician.



(Clarinet Magic) 1941 - 1948

To the honor of 90 years birthday of "european Benny Goodman": A hommage by his recordings from 1941 to early after-war-time.

Swing, Popsongs and Chanson in excellent modernen arrangements.
Libernotes by GERHARD CONRAD including a complete Discographie show the picture of one of the most important Jazz Musicians in Germany.

Recordings made in Berlin and Munich.


FUD CANDRIX with his Orchestra
VOL.3 : "Mr. Ghost Takes The Air"
Brussels 1940 - 1945
Berlin 1942
Paris 1943

Onother part of FUD CANDRIX project showing the war years of that famous Belgium Hot-Bigband including two Parisian recordings with famous guitar player DJANGO REINHARDT in 1943.

The rebirth of CANDRIX in 1945 can be heard by his very first recordings made in after-war June 1945. They show a new intimate music style in an own handwriting.


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